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Brand Overview

SMARTBRIDGE is an EdTech company to bridge the divide between academia and the
corporate sector. Their outcome-based experiential learning programmes in emerging
technologies (Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence,
and Robotics) are preparing talented entry-level engineers for the corporate world.
The parent firm of SmartInternz, SMARTBRIDGE, was launching a new service that
would allow students to apply for various externships through their new website. The
purpose of this initiative was to bring academia and industry together for the common
goal of creating talent through their experiential learning and development
environments. By utilising the platform, students will be able to pursue a successful
career path while meeting the demands of the business.


SmartInternz planned to launch Externship after building a strong brand, partnering with
several institutions, and having more than 10,000 students. But since no one
understands what an externship is, they hired Palnesto to develop an explanatory video
for their offering.
It was important to SMARTBRIDGE that SmartInternz have a sleek and contemporary
look to better market the service they provided

Our Service


The logo should be both engaging and modern for the students who visit the site, as
well as professional enough to approach different educational institutions.

sm-3-copy-0 (3)


The customer loved the idea of exhibiting an upward direction after brainstorming and
drawing (like SmartInternz taking students to heights in their career with the externships
they provided)


Using the previous logo directives, the task at hand was to build on this idea.
This time, we employed extreme symmetry and largely toyed with squares to create the
distinctive logo they required.


The findings thrilled the SMARTBRIDGE. The explanatory video served as a vehicle for
conveying the brand’s message. Data-driven graphics on the other hand accurately
depicted the information which was to be delivered to the students

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