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Build Website The Right Way

Did you know, that 88 % of your customers will check you out on your website much before they will find you anywhere else, that is if you have invested in one. Now for people who are still thinking whether they should invest on some kind of online presence, Welcome to digital age and my friends you are very late to the Party!

Think about your website just like an employee, only this one will never take breaks, will be available day and night and you will be paying way lesser than you pay your average employees. Isn’t that great? Well you can hire it today, all you have to do is invest in a good website.

Investing on a website is like investing on your online address, and don’t think it any lesser media, In fact business who have followed the right build on their online presence have improved their brand . Think about it Nike , Tesla , OYO , make my trip etc etc are all hyper focused on creating the best online experience their customers can have So what are you waiting for , go make your website now

Brand Building

As per Jeff Bezos “Branding is whatever people say about you when you are not in the room “, That is from CEO and founder of one of biggest brand of 21st century Amazon . Think about it, there are probably millions E commerce website out there but by default majority of the people trust only AMAZON to deliver their products, even if some the upcoming brands give the same products for cheaper price or a better deal. That is the power of having a valuable brand for your business. T

hink about it, in the age of Digital Media, a person sitting at home selling good products or service, Just needs a good partner to start branding and within no time that person can start taking on Big and successful brands and corporates, That is the power of adding Digital Marketing with Online Brand branding.

Most of the big and successful brands today have spent a lot of years of creative and strategic work to build the amazingly strong brand presence they enjoy today, but the emergence of digital marketing has created a great opportunity for everyone to reach out and take a share of their pie , So seize the opportunity while it last , there are new and existing brands shifting their attention on this side of their business .

Search Engine Optimization

No website can stand without a strong backbone, and that backbone quoted by Leading Digital Marketer Neil Patel In the ocean of Internet, just creating a website would not be the only job a business should invest in. Think of your Website like a jigsaw puzzle, it wouldn’t be complete without all the pieces. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of those important pieces. Today’s online world is run by search engines. Organizations like Google, Yahoo or Bing spend billions of dollars to give relevant search results to its users. An SEO will drive traffic to your website when you optimize your content for to provide an answer to their search results. We help you get there.

Here at Palnesto we provide search engine optimization to multiple clients in various sectors and all these time perfecting our approach to get great results for our clients we have realised that it all comes Down to Doing the work in a consistent way and following a good strategy, Be patient as SEO rewards Slow and Steady with great compounding effect. We would love to help rank your products and services on the Top, So make sure to reach out to us, drop us your contact for a free consultation today!

User Experience & User Interface

Ui and Ux are both part of principals of design process, The best way to explain the importance of investing in a proper design process is Imagine holding a packet of Lays chips vs holding a transparent paper of yellow banana chips, or a guy a serving fruit juice on a plane bottle vs the way Paper-Boat serves their juice on really good looking bottle with a functional cap which makes it easy to drink the juice without spilling it and an amazing and attractive package that sells the juice within in it . Which one will you pick? by taking care of the small but important convince of their customers, Brands are able to create good experience for their customers and indirectly make a lasting impact. Your customers will respect you for the trouble you invest to make your products and services easy to use for them, After All you make products and services for the customers to use. The process that goes behind making a simpler and easy to use procedure to use, navigate or understand your brand and its products is what UX (user Experience) and the effort that goes behind making your product more appealing is what is called (User Interface) “Better the user experience more are the chances that a customer will avail your service again”

Here at Palnesto we truly believe it’s what your customers see and feel is what becomes your brand, Investing on good Ui and better Ux is going to give our brand the edge that it needs to stand out in the market, Ui and Ux comes from really talented and experienced UI | Ux designers, We get in sync with the brands we promote by having multiple discussions and finally building a style guide, which is then followed by our designing team, making sure our Ui,/Ux talks about your brand . feel free to get in touch with our graphic teams, we are always excited to meet new brands and business.


Any Material that you use for reaching out to your customers is only valuable if they see it. Rise in Digital Media has given numerous Advantages and Various channels for your business to connect with your Audience better, not using them is like doing a crime! One of the simplest and the most trendy way to grab your audience is to invest in Video based strate

A video is a perfect opportunity to be transparent about the positive business practices you put into place every day. When people know these types of details, they’ll be more likely to purchase and product. And services. According to Word stream, 87% of brands use video sort of video content, 85% of internet users watch online videos, and video has the potential to boost organic traffic by over 150%.. So, if you run a business and, you can be sure that putting a bit of extra time into making a high-quality video (or even medium quality) video can go a long way towards marketing your product and services.

And it is like this not just because all the people love to watch video based content it also because customers these days are becoming more and more aware of the companies and the brands that they’re buy from and to that end often appreciate knowing what goes on behind the scenes or what the brand actually represents. (Eg) Nike ‘s first Tv add showed how the brand stands only for winning by saying “You did not win a silver but lost a Gold “

Imagine sharing your brand stories , products , services and experiences this way and we make sure that we bring that to reality . Don’t Wait Connect now

Digital Advertisements / Paid Media

Simple fact is that Digital Marketing is the Modern Day Main Stream Media. It’s simple you know all the Ads you see every day News Paper Television are really expensive. Now there are other slightly cheaper alternatives like Bill Boards or printing on pamphlets etc but there are 2 main reasons that you should be reducing if not completely converting your expenditure from the convectional marketing the, modern day marketing that is Digital Media Marketing.

Reason 1) Its way more cheaper when compared to conventional Media, Digital media is on a rise and till the date comes when it completely replaces your radios, Tv , newspaper it will remain a cheaper . There are always budget tabs that you can make to control your expenditure and get results based on them. There is one important thing to remember about Digital media marketing Organic Marketing and Inorganic Marketing.

Reason 2 ) Whatever you do Digital media marketing is trackable , imagine posting a billboard alongside a road , you really won’t know what is the return on investment , how many people did really see the post and what was their reaction , in digital marketing the story is completely opposite

Reason 3 ) Targeted Ads , if we take the same example of billboards and think , In a way you are paying for people who are your potential customers but also paying for everyone who has nothing to do with your Add , In Digital marketing you can be smart select your audience based in region , sex , age etc and be sure that you are marketing to an audience which connects with your brand .

Navigating through all the above can get a bit tricky and we suggest you get someone who can help create a good strategy for you so that you get the best of Digital Marketing, Need help with your PPC, Display, or Social Media ads? Our team is skilled at helping businesses scale their paid media efforts by having a laser-sharp focus on Return on investment, Reach out to us today for a free consultation

APP Development

So you have a great idea, product or service, looking for something stronger than a website, think big think of an App. Statistics show that the average person spends more than three hours a day on his or her mobile device. While probably only a handful of applications make up the bulk of this total usage, it doesn’t change the fact that each user has to unlock, scroll, and scan their device for the apps they’re looking for.

All business is basically about customers and marketing and making money and capitalism and winning and promoting it and having something someone.

If you think that mobile apps are solely for big name brands like Walmart and Instagram, you are wrong. More and more small and midsize businesses are following the mobile trend, understanding that an effective mobile strategy involves more than just a mobile-friendly platform. Most of the business only think of the few logics that run on your client’s phones is what all an application is .

There is no bigger mistake than that, developing an application starts with system blue print that is developed after intense research based on the environment that this application will be developed, next the report is submitted to a senior developer who decides the best technology that should be used to develop a particular application. Then based on UX developer, flow of your application is developed and then following steps takes place in order for you to get your application the way it will be sustainable and scalable for you .

There are many more things that you need to look out for while developing your App and we are here to help you out achieve it .

Even really good services and products and services can collapse without a good operations strategy and there may not be anyone more suited to take care of that, than you yourself but it’s equally important for you to invest on a hardcore marketing and sales. Much like any other pillar of your division “Marketing is probably one of the most important and strategy driven departments of your business. It requires a lot of real time analysis, research and creativity. We are here to remove that burden from your shoulders and do all this for you.

Invest on development of the right strategy for you to collect max input from your customers, let that be online or offline, strategy and funnel development can often get clogged if you are not adapting as per as per the changing needs. Another big mistake brands make is trying to copy another brands strategy, your business and your customers can react completely different even if you are selling the same product, having a funnel that is build based on your brand culture can ensure better and long lasting customers for you.

It is always advisable to have a word with a good branding consulting agency and create a marketing funnel before starting to invest on any of the branding strategies. We have help build strong and sustainable strategies and marketing funnel for multiple business discuss more about your brand with us and we can help you get started with your marketing, customer acquisition model or sales strategy