Details About The Project

With a solid digital foundation in place, the next step was to develop a 52-marketing calendar to launch campaigns to effectively engage and drive customers to the business.

Multi-channel nurturing and conversion campaigns were launched over social, website, and advertising. Customized offers and promotions were created for each location depending on business needs.

Social media pages for Nanking C.R Kondapur were optimized and aligned to the branding strategy. Per the integrated marketing calendar engagement campaigns, we launched through the Social, Whatsapp and website channels.

Game of Thrones T-Shirt Giveaway Campaign was launched in May 2019, exclusively for Game of Thrones Fans. People who dined at the restaurant or purchased online were given a T-Shirt as a token of gesture. Needless to say, it was a huge success with many people asking for the restaurant location and buying the item online. This further strengthened our digital marketing goals and bettered our relation with Nanking C.R

We Used Best Tools To Optimize This Website

A responsive mobile-friendly Nanking C.R's mobile web app was designed and launched with integrated mobile ordering, and social integration. An innovative mobile approach (Progressive Web Apps) was implemented to eliminate the barrier of customer mobile app adoption.

Here are the results within the first 90 days of the initiative:

Reduced phone orders during busy times (Fridays & Saturdays) as more customers are ordering online. Ordering online is easier, faster and accurate compared to phone ordering, in addition to no wait times.

A significant increase in online sales at the kondapur location.

With a proper search engine optimization , We could generate great results in google search engine.